About Oogachaga

Oogachaga office
Oogachaga’s centre at 57B Pagoda Street

Oogachaga is Singapore’s community-based, professional service provider working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, couples and families. Established in 1999, we have expanded over the years despite local challenges and legal restrictions. We offer LGBTQ-affirmative care in the form of counselling services (face to face, hotline, WhatsApp, email), support groups, professional training, corporate outreach and resources, including videos, printed publications and online material.

We are a non-profit entity (registration no: 53035413J) under the umbrella of SPACES Counselling and Community Limited, a registered charity in Singapore (charity no: 01812).

What we achieved in 2016


Some highlights of our groundbreaking initiatives:

Counselling Services

  • OC Hotline – Singapore’s first hotline dedicated to support LGBTQ community
  • Women on Wednesdays (WoW) – Championed by OC Women, WOW is the only dedicated hotline service for Lesbian, Bisexual and queer-identified women in Singapore. Barclays provided the seed funding for this program.
  • WhatsApp Counselling Service – the first WhatsApp counselling service in Singapore
  • Snapchat from the Closet – OC partnered with Ogilvy & Mather to pilot this Cannes’ Glass Lion award-winning Snapchat counselling pilot service in 2016.


Social Support Programs

  • OC Men Support Group – Singapore’s longest running support group for gay, bisexual or queer men
  • OC Women Support Group – OC’s support group for lesbian, bisexual or queer women.
  • Open Door on Fridays – a safe platform and space for young LGBTQ adults to meet, network and discuss issues impacting their lives and community
  • Mature Men Project (MMP) – Through MMP, Oogachaga created programs specifically targeted to serve and support mature gay, bisexual and queer men

Education and Empowerment Programs

  • Sexuality Explained – Singapore’s first web-based educational video series for LGBTQ youth
  • Professional Training – OC developed a culturally unique LGBTQ curriculum which is used to train social service and healthcare professionals in Singapore
  • Take Action Series – An LGBTQ youth community empowerment program that promotes volunteerism and leadership in the country
  • LGBTQ Resources – OC has researched, authored and published Singapore specific LGBTQ resources in various mediums on a multitude of topics